Tangled Tales are a new innovative junior fiction format which involves two stories in one book. Each side follows a different character in the same story, which aims to encourage children to see that not everything is always what it seems.
Undercover Overlord
Otis Vile is set to take over his dastardly grandmother's even more dastardly galactic corporation, E.V.I.L. (Extremely Vile Industries Limited). But first he must go undercover in their factories to root out anyone 'nice' once and for all. But is that all Otis will find along the way?
Meddling Underling
Plib and her family have spent years battling E.V.I.L. But now their home is threatened. To save them, Plib will have to work for the enemy… but can she change things for the better from the inside?

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Author: Lou Treleaven
Illustration: Mario Gushiken
Agent: Rosie Barlow | Astound US
Art Direction & Cover Thumbnail: Aimee White | Maverick Arts
Client: Maverick Arts Publishing
Interior artworks
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Agent contact:
Rosie Barlow - rosie@astound.us
Astound US | Instagram | LinkedIn

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